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Where we post answers to some of the more common questions we recieve from customers. Questions regarding industrial 3 phase extension leads, power boards, motor control ect.

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3 Phase Extension leads with 4 pin plugs and 5 pin Extension Sockets

Why would you have a 3-phase extension lead with a 4-pin plug and a 5-pin extension socket?  

When using Australian Standard Industrial plugs and sockets you may notice that a 4-pin plug will fit into a 5-pin extension socket. With many machines only requiring 3 phases and earth to operate. (4 Pin Plugs) most users prefer the 4-pin extension leads as they are cheaper.

By having 5 pin extension sockets on the lead with a 4 pin plug this lead can be used there is a 4 or 5 pin wall socket outlet and when extra length is required the operator has the flexibility to use either a 4 pin or a 5-pin extension lead to obtain the extra length required.

Note both leads must be of the same current rating. 

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